3 personal traits of an aspiring social entrepreneur



Have you been haunted by the thought of the world going into a downward spiral, yearning for its inhabitants to take note and help? Have you ever wanted to take the world by storm and be financially successful? At first glance, to most, these two thoughts don’t go hand in hand. Social Enterprise is not a new term but it’s now at the forefront of many business opportunities including mine when I founded Soul Seams, and I had to ask myself ‘What does it take to be a #socialpreneur’.

Jacqueline Novogratz, the CEO of Acumen puts it well in her article on acumenideas.com. You needn’t push yourself to cultivate the leadership qualities required to fix the world. The truths of the world are rarely black or white, true or false. It requires you to work in grey areas most of the time, choosing the right path for you in the bigger picture of things.
The qualities required for this journey are hence mostly wide ranging. this takes the pressure or the constant contemplation out of your mind. You can venture into this path without overly criticizing yourself.

Rohan Potdar, a documentary film maker weighs in on the subject on his blog. Social entrepreneurs and changemakers serve as an inspiration. They are not constrained by a right or a left ideology but drives towards impact creation and social innovation.
It’s the solution to an issue and the quest to achieve it that drives a #socialpreneur. People from different walks of life can do their part in their own way to fix a small problem in a small area of a small community.

That being said, you notice a few traits are common amongst these social innovators and thinkers.

Commitment to imagination: Several people flow through their work, doing a lot but not really doing much. Staying on course to achieve a singular imagination is a key attribute to achieving the solution you so dearly crave for this world.

A human perspective: The ability to think of solutions outside your own is an ability that allows you to find innovative solutions for the people you’re working to achieve it for. Thinking from your own perspective blinds you from evident paths to success.

Believe: It’s easy to get disappointed when your journey encounters a hurdle. Just like any business and maybe more than any other business, hurdles are persistent throughout. Having the grit and persistence to drive yourself every day is crucial. The more you strive, the better the world gets.


A social entrepreneur doesn’t have a singular ideology. They all operate differently but with a singular objective they strive for with an un-shattering persistence to make the world a little bit better.

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